Travel makes the best Graduation Gift: Inspiration and Tips for your upcoming graduation trip

In a blink of an eye, your little one is off to college or entering the real world and you realize you have not had nearly enough adventures together! What better way to send your child off, than by having an incredible vacation that you can cherish forever! This spring, I have been working on a few special adventures for high school and college graduates, that have left me so inspired and excited about my own children’s future graduation! I would love to share that inspiration with you and give you some helpful pointers on choosing the perfect destination to bring your graduate.


Planning a trip for your shopaholic or fashionista? There is no better destination than Paris. From the little bohemian boutiques to the exquisite luxury brands, Paris has it all. Paris is especially a fabulous trip for your graduate who has studied french for the past 4 years. Can you imagine the confidence boost your child will have by being your interpreter throughout your stay in this amazing city!

2. Croatia

Already have a well traveled teenager? Want to experience a once in a lifetime trip that you can’t imagine taking any other time in your lives? Croatia is a thrilling destination full of unique culture, exquisite beauty and gorgeous architecture. It is also a thriving destination for your Game of Thrones Lover! I recommend chartering a yacht to explore the coast or joining a small group tour that will take you to all the little gems along the coast those big ships can’t get to.

3. Peru

Have an active graduate? Hiking the Inca or Salkantay Trail is sure to create some lifetime memories. It is also a great way to disconnect from the outside world and electronics, and connect to one another and nature. The treks end with a spectacular visit to Machu Pichu, one of the great wonders of the world! This will likely leave a few memories for your young one before the next chapter of your lives.

4. Tokyo

If your son or daughter is not the type to disconnect, why force it? Bring them to the place where the electronic way of life is fully embraced! If you have a city lover, there is nothing more thrilling than crossing the famous Shibuya crossing or a walk through Akihabara, the electronic and gaming district of this modern city.

5. Ireland

Spend the day bike riding through the rolling green hills of Ireland, and finish it off with a Guinness in a pub with the friendly locals and some live music. These will certainly be memories that will last forever and Ireland has something to offer for everyone!

6. Bali

Can’t decide where to take your graduate because he/she wants beach, luxury, culture, shopping, nightlife and nature? Bali is the perfect destination for all of the above. There are scores of luxury resorts set amongst the beauty, nature and unique culture that Bali has to offer. There are central hubs for wild nightlife and peaceful tranquil spots for yoga and meditation. Bali has it all! It is also the perfect destination for your young one who wants to catch some amazing surf while on vacation too.


Worried that this trip may be too much “together time” with your brooding teenager? There are group trips that cater to families with teenagers and young adults to all of the destinations I have listed, plus many many more. It may just be the right fit for your family. Or how about a voluntourism vacation? A combination of vacation with some volunteering may be exactly what your family needs during this major life transition.

It is a great big world out there, waiting to be discovered by your family. As always, I’d love to help you narrow down the best destination for your graduation gift! All it takes is an email to get started .

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