Not all in flight entertainment is electronic

February Vacation is next week and lots of families are heading off for an unforgettable Family Vacation. Are you prepared for the flight with your children? We all know how useful electronics can be at entertaining the kids on flights. But electronics can fail, batteries can die and sometimes our kids need a break from the screens.

Be prepared to entertain your kids without electronics with these fun, busy and small items you can easily slip in your carry on.

  1. Wikki stix

You can get very creative with these. Make silly glasses to wear, press them on paper to make amazing pictures. and use them to build for 3D creations.

2. Activity Books

There are tons of Activity Books to choose from depending on your child’s age. We love Mad Libs Junior. Even if your child can’t read, they can participate in creating these hysterical stories.

3. Card Games

Obviously your standard card games are fun, but kids get really excited over new and different card games like I spy and Find it Fast Games.

4. Modeling Clay

Not all kids love coloring and activity books. If you have a builder like I do, Modeling clay is perfect. You can even throw it away and save space in your bag for souvenirs on the return flight.

5.Magnetic games or Reusable Stickers

A small case of reusable stickers or magnetic game are perfect for kids especially if they have a particular interest that will be sure to put a smile on their face, princess, ocean life, wild animals and silly faces are just a few examples of what you can find.

6.Window Gel Clings

If you have a window seat, Gel clings are an easy way to keep the kids happy by decorating the window. This works out great during take off and landing when the tray table needs to stowed away.

7. Travel Journals

Not only do Travel Journals keep the kids busy, but this is a keepsake you can treasure forever to remind you of this journey!

8. I Spy

I spy books are great and provide hours of entertainment. If you don’t want to buy another book or do not have enough space in your carry on luggage. You can play I spy with the in flight magazine already in the seat in front of you.

All parents worry about keeping their kids quiet well behaved and entertained during the flight. Just remember kids love spending uninterrupted quality time with their parents even if it is just a game of I spy. Enjoy the Journey Together and Safe Travels!


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