Diving into a new Career

1928386_22872080608_6165_n   This is it!

I have finally decided to make my passion my career. I used to think it was too late in life to change careers but it is never too late to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy!

Travel has been such a major part of my life and an integral piece of how I define myself since I was a very young adult. I grew so much when I became a traveler and spent the majority of my adult years overseas in many different roles. Looking back, even when I was settled in a place, I always had my guidebooks out ready to start planning my next move. Settling down, starting a family and a business with my husband has been the happiest and most rewarding years of my life but…….something has been missing! I assumed all new moms struggle with changing their identity once we become mothers but “traveler” has been a piece of my identity I didn’t want to change. I found myself constantly planning adventures that I dreamed of taking with my family, I can even tell you what hotels we will be staying in 2020. I wasn’t traveling often but I was becoming obsessed with planning. I am happy to say that we have taken a few of these adventures, but we certainly can not keep up with the amount of trips I have planned. The more trips we take, the more planning I do. I have even been planning trips for my friends. After years of staying up way too late because I can not go to bed until I know every family friendly activity there is to do in places like Latvia, I have decided that we will all be better off if I started sharing my talent of creating amazing itineraries with all the parents out there who lack my enthusiasm for planning trips!

So here we are! I am thrilled to become a travel consultant and share my expertise and knowledge with so many other families! I can not wait to help families make their dream vacation come to life1928386_22871670608_9327_n1928386_22871690608_287_n1928386_22872075608_5865_n

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