Need Some Inspiration?

Are you looking for some family vacation ideas outside of the box? Are you dreaming of visiting an exciting location, but not sure how to include the kids? There are family friendly vacation destinations throughout this world. Sometimes, you just need a family travel expert to help you create the perfect family adventure.



Most children when asked will choose Africa as their dream destination and it is no wonder why. Africa is a land of magnificent beauty, from the people to the wildlife and unimaginable landscapes. Exploring Africa with children of any age is sure to create everlasting memories.


Asia is massive and there is an abundance of mind blowing adventures that are possible in this great land, from The Great Wall of China to the great cities. The cultures are as vast and as varied as the land, experiencing these cultures fist hand will change a child's life immeasurably!



Australia is a land of adventure. The choices are endless on what you and your children will discover. Australia is a wonderful choice for parent's taking their children on their first international experience because of the language and the simplicity of travel infrastructure in the country, but don't be mistaken......its is a wild and fun country!


I once heard a mother say that Europe isn't a place to bring children. I could not disagree more. What better way to teach children that history is exciting! There are so many learning opportunities that are thrilling for children as well as the excitement of immersing yourself in so many rich cultures and learning new languages! Kids also love that you can jump on a short train ride and be in a totally different country. Imagine visiting a few countries in one vacation!


South America

When you return form the Amazon Rainforest, your children will be telling strangers all about the difference between a River Dolphin and an Ocean Dolphin. Or how about exploring Darwinism at it's finest in the Galapagos Islands? Does your family love to hike? Then Patagonia would be a dream adventure! The possibilities are endless in South America!

Are you ready to start traveling?

Are you inspired yet? There is so much to see and do in this world with your children in tow. Don't delay another minute. Let's get started today!