Decided to go to Iceland, Now what?

Lately, It seems everyone is interested in traveling to Iceland, because once you have seen those jaw dropping photos on social media, you are hooked on the idea. If you have decided to visit the Land of Fire and Ice, there are many more decisions on where you want to visit and how you want to travel. Hopefully, I can answer some of those questions for you (and drop a few inspiring photos).


If visiting in summer, the first decision to make is if you want to self drive or take a guided tour. Iceland is a very easy country to drive in but not everyone wants to drive while on vacation. They drive on the right hand side of the road, same as the US. Signs are easy to understand, most drivers follow the road rules and the primary roads are well paved and well marked. I definitely feel comfortable sending visitors out on a self drive journey, for those confident in driving in other countries. If you prefer a local behind the wheel, there are hundreds of choices of tours. You can base yourself in Reykjavik and take several day tours to different regions, there is so much to see within a few hours of the city, you will not be missing out. You can also take a multi day tour exploring the far reaches of the countryside in order to get away from the hub of the Icelandic tourism. Local guides share so much about the region, history and culture of the country, you are sure to get so much out of these tours.

If you are an independent traveler and have decided driving is the best way for you to see the country, there are many options to take.  If you have the time, driving the full ring Road is ideal. I recommend you have at least 10 days in Iceland to make this journey. There is so much to see and do along the route, you will really be missing out and driving lots if you have less time. Another alternative is driving the South Coast, visiting glaciers, waterfalls and black sand beaches. and return to Reykjavik.

If you prefer geothermal landscape and hot springs,  driving up North to Akuyeri and exploring the Myvatn area with stops along the West Coast is a perfect itinerary.

For families exploring the countryside, I recommend renting a Motorhome.  Moving accommodation every night can feel like a lot of work after driving many miles and being active all day with the family. A motorhome gives you so much flexibility on where to stay and when to eat. However, the number one reason to travel in a motorhome is that the accommodation large enough for a family is hard to find outside of Reykjavik. There are a few luxury hotels in the countryside and many small guesthouses. Most guesthouses and hotels are minimal and small, accommodating only 2 people to a room. Plus campsites in Iceland are located in places like this:


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