Costa Rica for Families

So your Family is ready for a little more Adventure on your next vacation?

Costa Rica is the perfect first Adventure Vacation for families. It has all the tourism infrastructure and conveniences that makes family travel easy and comfortable, yet all the excitement and nature that will leave a lasting impression on your children forever. Costa Rica specializes in Ecotourism and Adventure Sports, two types of travel that are a perfect fit for children of all ages.  It is no wonder why Costa Rica is rated one of the happiest places on earth!

Here are a Few Reasons Why Costa Rica is Perfect for Families looking for a little or a lot of adventure.

  1. Ecotourism: You don’t have to look hard for educational opportunities while in Costa Rica. Many resorts are using valuable tourism dollars to improve the local environment and presenting guests with opportunities to contribute.  Families love staying in properties with an animal sanctuary on the premises. One amazing sanctuary just outside of San Jose, has built a guest house on the property in order to allow guests up close and personal views of the work they are doing there. 
  2.  Luxury: Let’s Be Clear, Ecotourism does not necessarily mean camping in the mud. Costa Rica is the best at building gorgeous luxury resorts  incorporating nature and keeping the environment in mind. There are  many stunning properties to choose from that provide the adventure your children crave and the comfort and luxury parents desire while on vacation both on the beach and in the jungle. We can find the perfect resort for you. 
  3. Adventure Activities: There are so many adventure sports offered in Costa Rica, from white water rafting, ATV riding, Deep sea fishing, surfing, scuba diving, hiking volcanoes, and horseback riding. Of course, Costa Rice is practically synonymous with zip-lining.  Zip Lining is offered all over the country, children as young as 5 can participate in this thrilling activity on some courses. 
  4. Beaches: Most families require a little relaxation after all that adrenaline pumping activity. With 912 miles of coastline on both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, your family is bound to find the perfect beach. 
  5. The People: The people of Costa Rica are referred to as “Ticos”. They just so happen to live in a tropical paradise which is known as one of the happiest places on earth.  When families return from Costa Rica, they always share a story of a Tico going out of their way to help their family and above and beyond to show their children a special slice of their country. 
  6.  Wildlife: In addition to the many Animal Sanctuaries, encounters with wildlife are endless. It is very common for monkeys and coatis to join you on the beach and to wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys in the distance.  Kids learn so much while hiking or walking through the variety of ecosystems Costa Rica has to offer.   Spotting wildlife keeps kids of all ages busy and entertained.  Travel in Costa Rica has never been easier. There are two international airports offering non-stop flights from many US destinations, including Boston. Liberia Airport is conveniently located in Guanacaste Province, only an hour from some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches.  Driving distances are long in Costa Rica and the roads are windy and not always well paved. Car rentals are plentiful; but  don’t rent a car unless you are comfortable driving in a developing country.  The Good news is private and shared transportation is easy to arrange. Your next Family Vacation should be to Costa Rica and it should be customized to your level of adventure and luxury! You can find it all in Costa Rica!

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