Why Travel Insurance is A Must-Have for Everyone!

Confession: I traveled for 15 years before ever considering travel insurance. I was very lucky! Truth is, I was a young, broke backpacker, and travel insurance was the furthest thing on my mind. Besides, no one ever mentioned it to...Read More

Why You should make The Azore Islands your Next Vacation

This Spring when I was telling friends and clients that I would be traveling to The Azores for our family Summer vacation, most people looked at me with a Blank Stare or asked "What is The Azores".  So let's start...Read More

Hidden Gems on The Ring Road

Driving The Ring Road of Iceland is a favorite family summer vacation for many, including me! Trouble is once you get outside of the Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, lots of fabulous activities are not well sign posted and a...Read More

Travel makes the best Graduation Gift: Inspiration and Tips for your upcoming graduation trip

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Add some adventure to your vacation

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Family trip to Iceland: Ring Road Itinerary

There is so much to see and experience along the Ring Road. It is not easy to decide which sites you would like to visit. Every trip I plan to Iceland is unique to the family traveling. Here is a...Read More

Decided to go to Iceland, Now what?

Lately, It seems everyone is interested in traveling to Iceland, because once you have seen those jaw dropping photos on social media, you are hooked on the idea. If you have decided to visit the Land of Fire and Ice,...Read More

Costa Rica for Families

So your Family is ready for a little more Adventure on your next vacation? Costa Rica is the perfect first Adventure Vacation for families. It has all the tourism infrastructure and conveniences that makes family travel easy and comfortable, yet...Read More

Not all in flight entertainment is electronic

February Vacation is next week and lots of families are heading off for an unforgettable Family Vacation. Are you prepared for the flight with your children? We all know how useful electronics can be at entertaining the kids on flights....Read More