Add some adventure to your vacation

I get it. Life is exhausting and when you imagine your vacation, it is full of ┬áimages of toes in the sand and umbrella drinks in your hand. It is hard to think of much else when you imagine “getting away from it all”. I could not agree more, rest and relaxation is something that most of us do not get enough of. But if your truly want to make your vacation unforgettable, it is time to add a little adventure to it. If you have children, we all know that they require constant entertainment. Resorts throughout the world understand this and have made it extremely tempting and completely reasonable to never step foot off the resort during your vacation. However, you are really missing out on the unforgettable, special moments if you do not venture out and experience something that your unique destination has to offer. My favorite excursions for families are the experiences that you can only find in your distinct destination and if you can learn about the culture and history that is even more exciting!

A great example is a fun filled, action packed day my family spent recently with AlltourNative in the Mayan Riviera. This tour offered so much in one day, it is hard to believe. There was adventure to keep our adrenaline junkies happy with ziplining and cave rappeling. There was history and education with a tour of the ancient ruins of Coba. There was beauty and culture with a Mayan blessing ceremony, swimming in Cenotes, and a delicious lunch in a local Mayan Village.

Cenotes are limestone caves that are found primarily in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. They are plentiful in the area and beautiful to experience. Swimming in a cenote is refreshing, exciting and a special experience. Fortunately there are hundreds of tours that include cenote swims, but the tour we chose had so much more. I will never forget watching my children drop from a cliff and rappel into a cave all on their own and neither will they. Climbing to the top of the ancient Mayan Ruin, Coba was a little frightening for this mom, but the kids scrambled to the top with ease. Watching the exhilaration on their faces, when they turned around and realized how high they had climbed was worth every moment on the way up.

Experience like these are exhilarating, thrilling and bonding for families.

So put down that delicious beverage for a few hours and go make some memories with your kids! You won’t regret it!

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